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May 11 2009

Insurance Companies Fight Legitimate Claims While Asking for Bailouts

". . . insurance companies are now fighting 9/11 workers comp claims harder than ever . . . insurance companies fight legitimate claims with one hand, while asking for taxpayer bailouts with the other. Disgusting!"

Ground Zero Worker Daniel Arrigo Waits for Workers' Comp - Rosasco Says Sadly Familiar in Workers' Comp Central Article

Last week the New York Daily News had an excellent story by Heidi Evans detailing the battle 9/11 responder Daniel Arrigo has gone through to obtain his workers' compensation benefitsHere we are - nearly 8 years since the World Trade Center tragedy - and insurance companies are now  to fighting 9/11 workers comp claims harder than ever as the spotlight has shifted from terrorism to the economy.  Give the New York Daily News credit for keeping the spotlight shining bright on the health of  WTC first responders and volunteers.

In a follow-up to the Daily News article, I was interviewed by the leading trade publication on workers' compensation issues, Workcompcentral, on Mr. Arrigo's case.  In the article, I stated that Mr. Arrigo's plight is "sadly familiar" to those of us attorneys who handle 9/11 Ground Zero claims on a regular basis.  Sadly, there are many more "Daniel Arrigos" out there in need of  experienced Ground Zero workers' compensation lawyers because insurance companies fight legitimate claims with one hand, while asking for taxpayer bailouts with the otherDisgusting! 

The New York Disability Law Blog

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