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May 2007

U of T Law Students Providing Legal Services for IWs

Advocates for Injured Workers

Advocates for Injured Workers (AIW) is a unique student clinic dedicated to providing high quality legal services to injured workers. AIW is an exciting way for U of T students to 'cut their teeth' in litigation and an excellent opportunity for them to enhance their legal education by working with administrative law hands on.

The student clinic operates as a satellite of the Industrial Accident Victims Group of Ontario, an expert clinic with a long tradition of advocacy for injured workers which specializes in workers’ compensation matters, including casework, community development, law reform and test case litigation. Clients come from many neighborhoods in and around Toronto and from a wide variety of occupational and ethnic backgrounds.

Students working at the clinic are supervised by a staff lawyer from the Industrial Accidents Victims Group of Ontario, but have full responsibility for files including the preparation and presentation of appeals before the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Tribunal. Students have the opportunity to handle a variety of casework, to engage in medico-legal research, and to represent injured workers at all levels of appeal. Cases include Workplace Safety and Insurance claims, and related Canada Pension Plan, human rights and civil matters.

First year students can volunteer at the clinic, and upper year students can enroll in the Clinic for Credit programme for academic credit. The clinic holds training seminars specifically geared for newcomers as well as social events to celebrate our work together. Some students opt to continue their commitment year round, in the form of summer employment and extra academic credit.

Contact Information

489 College Street, Suite 203
Toronto, ON, M6G 1A5
Phone: (416) 924-4385
Fax: (416) 924-2472

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