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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Candidate stances on WSIB important

- an open letter to all party candidates for the up coming October election in Ontario re: WSIB

Editorial - Sir: This is an open letter to all party candidates for the up coming October election. I welcome their responses at pcclare AT hotmail DOT com.

Mr./Mrs./Ms. MPP and potential MPPs:

With there being an election looming in the near future, I'd like to know your views on the WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) system here in Ontario.

Did you know:

That all Canadian WCBs (Workers Compensation Boards), including the WSIB, are being run as the American model of giant, corporate, private insurance companies?

That right now, the WSIB is not accountable to anyone, including governments?

The WSIB creates its own legislation and policies?

That big employers of this province commit fraud by misrepresenting their payrolls in order to pay cheaper premiums than what they should actually be paying?

That an injured worker loses all their rights as a Canadian citizen when they go on a WSIB claim?

That fraudulent claims submitted by workers total .01 per cent of all WSIB claims submitted by injured workers?

The WSIB is not subject to the laws of Canada or Ontario and are free from prosecution of those laws when they break them?

The WSIB can refuse to provide medical treatment that the injured workers' health-care professionals order?

The WSIB will cut an injured worker off its prescribed medications? The WSIB will force injured workers back into the labour market while still injured or ready to re-enter the labour market, for the sake of clearing case files?

The chair of the WSIB is salaried at more than $700,000 per year?

That injured workers are given salary caps, deemed by the WSIB and the WSIB will take the injured workers earned CPP disability benefits so the injured worker does not exceed the WSIB-deemed salary?

The WSIB puts a strain on the provincial health-care system when work-related claims are denied, thereby forcing injured workers' treatment to be provided by OHIP?

That OHIP can refuse to pay for treatment of a work-related injury? There is an adversarial attitude that exists within the WSIB towards injured workers?

The WSIB uses fear and threats to close case files?

The WSIB causes further psychological damage to injured workers then refuses to compensate the injured workers for this further damage they cause?

The WSIB is the root cause for many injured worker's suicides?

That anyone in this province, no matter how large the salary, can be subjected to the unfair practices of the WSIB and driven to poverty? Don't believe me? Suffer a workplace injury which results in a permanent disability and it won't take long to see for yourself.

If you want my party vote in October, check out these facts, then let Ontario know your thoughts on the WSIB dynasty and if you're willing to stand for the reform of the WSIB system and the reform of all WCBs across this country.

P. C. Clare

Lambton Shores

Sarnia Observer

Aug. 23, 2007 - injured worker asks questions about the WSIB to Ontario provincial election candidates in newspaper:
- Letter to the editor from P.C. Clare, "Candidate stances on WSIB important" - (The Observer, Aug. 23, 2007) -
Aug. 29, 2007 - WSIB responds negatively in letter to same newspaper:
- Response to P. C. Clare from WSIB Chairperson, Steven W. Mahoney, "Chairperson defends record of the WSIB" (The Observer, Aug. 29, 2007)
Aug. 29, 2007 - the CIWS responds to both letters:
- Response from the CIWS to the Sarnia Observer Editorials re: Mr. Mahoney (WSIB) and Mr. Clare's Letters - sent August 29, 2007 - (Published in the Sarnia Observer Set 5 2007)
Sept. 11, 2007 - PC Clare's response: All Injured Workers Need Fair Treatment
October 4, 2007 - PC Clare receives answers from Steve Mahoney and responds: Answers on WSIB insufficient

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